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Cupertino, California resides in the technological innovation center Silicon Valley. The city lies directly west of San Jose and extends into the foothills of the Santa Cruz mountains.  With a population of approximately 60,000, many of whom commute to Silicon Valley daily, the city is primarily recognized for its place in the heart of Big Tech. Cupertino is also home to the Rancho San Antonio Open Space Preserve. With trails, equestrian routes, and the nature museum on the McClellan Ranch Preserve, Cupertino proves a popular hiking destination for locals and visitors.

Day tours in Silicon Valley are a popular attraction for tourists and techies alike. Various global tech companies are headquartered here, including Google, Apple, and Facebook. In sharp contrast to the fast-paced tech world, the outskirts of Cupertino are full of leafy hiking trails and small cafes. Another famous institution, Stanford University, also resides in Cupertino and enrolls students from all over the nation.

Before the modernization of Cupertino, its main business was wine. Pioneer settlers planted grape vines along the Montebello Ridge, which expanded into vineyards and wineries. These wineries flourished for nearly 100 years before succumbing to a root louse that destroyed 75% of the vineyards. Residents replanted the beautiful valley with orchards of peaches, walnuts, cherries, almonds, and plums. Now, the soil has recovered and small boutique wineries serve customers once again along the hills of the valley.

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Cupertino’s Trusted Disaster & Recovery Services

When natural disasters happen, getting back to normal can feel like an uphill battle. Shepherd’s Disaster, Recovery, and Remediation is here to help.


Shepherd’s is a proud holder of the Diamond Certification Award. This award is given to a select few local companies that pass a rigorous and comprehensive program – a guarantee for all consumers that the provider in question is an industry professional who provides exceptional, high-quality service to all their customers. That’s why Cupertino residents choose Shepherd’s every time for exceptional and reliable disaster remediation services in times of need.

Whether it’s removing water from a burst pipe or a specialty biohazard cleanup, Shepherd’s has the professionals, equipment, and expertise to get things back to normal.

When things go wrong, Shepherd’s Disaster, Recovery, and Remediation can make it right.


Cleaning Services

Has your home sustained damage from natural disasters such as floods, storms, fires, or earthquakes? Shepherd’s can help restore it to a safe, clean environment. We cover:

  • Water Removal
  • Mold Mitigation and Remediation
  • Catastrophic Storm Cleanup
  • Document Drying
  • And much more – check out our services page.


Specialty Cleanup

Some messes are too dangerous to tackle with a pair of rubber gloves and a bottle of household cleaner. Our knowledgeable staff has seen it all – and can clean it all. We cover:


Insurance Liaison

  • Quick Response Time: We can be on the scene between one to 24 hours to minimize damage costs.
  • Assessments: Our damage assessments and cleanup reports provide extra documentation for your insurance claim.
  • Pack Out Services: Our Pack Out Services often help lower replacement costs of contents that are restorable—something that costs insurance companies millions of dollars each year.

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If you’re facing a disastrous situation, let us help you clean it up quickly, efficiently, and permanently. Our family business has helped mitigate property damage and clean up after disasters since 2008. Call us at (650) 459-4557 or click here to get in touch.