Mold Removal Service San Jose is a service of Shepherds Disaster. we specialize in indoor air quality and the treatment of water damage.
If you have mold in your home, it’s of the utmost importance that you have it removed. Mold can cause all kinds of health problems and can also compromise the safety and structural integrity of your home.


Hidden Mold

The bad thing about mold is that it’s not always in plain sight. Once mold is visible to you, it’s likely just the tip of the iceberg. Any visual signs of mold can usually indicate that there is more mold – hiding out of sight and below the surface. This is why it’s important to call a mold remediation professional as soon as you see mold. They are best equipped to find and remove any mold that’s not visible to the untrained eye.

Mold likes warm, damp spaces and can thrive anywhere the conditions are satisfactory. Basements, attics, and crawl spaces are some of the areas where mold can thrive. If you have a history of water leakage in your home, you may be at an increased risk of finding mold in your home.

Spreading Mold

Mold removal experts service San Jose must be done by a professional because mold can spread – quickly. The way mold spreads is through spores, usually airborne. Because mold spreads so easily,  must be immediate and very thorough. Mold can spread to every area of your home and, unless the moisture source is eradicated, it can continue to spread unchecked and continue to get worse.


Some people are more sensitive to allergens than others. However, everyone can be affected by an allergen if it’s significant enough. Mold can cause allergic reactions that run from respiratory irritation to full blown asthma attacks. Even non-respiratory issues like headaches, memory loss, and fatigue can be attributed to mold growth in a home. For everyone’s safety, it’s important that it  is undertaken by a professional as soon as it’s been detected.

Why Call a Professional

Professionals have equipment and knowledge that’s not readily available to the layperson. When it comes to mold removal, it’s always a good idea to call in a professional as not to take chances with your health or home. A professional can do many things that make mold removal final and as effective as possible.

Firstly, a professional can be sure to remove all the mold. With tested techniques and experience, mold remediation companies can make sure that they find all of the mold in your home or property so that none is left behind. They are also trained to find the source of the mold, ensuring that, once it’s removed, it will not come back with the same level of ease that it appeared initially. They have the equipment and qualifications to ensure that mold is deterred from coming back, leaving you with a mold-free home as well as peace of mind and the feeling of safety.


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