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We are a professional mold removal service that removes toxic black mold and other fungi from your home or office.


Mold is a natural fungus that can grow indoors on surfaces with high humidity and dampness. Mold often smells musty and looks like a fuzzy, dark, or velvety growth.

The most important thing to know about mold is that it can cause significant health problems for humans and animals. People who have asthma or allergies are especially at risk of experiencing allergic reactions to mold spores. Mold can also cause health problems for pets, such as eye irritation and breathing difficulties. That’s why it’s important to get rid of mold as soon as possible.

Some signs that your home may have mold are: unusual musty odors; unusual growth on walls, floors, ceilings, furniture, or other household items; unexplained respiratory problems or headaches; Eecess moisture in areas with poor ventilation; and a mildew odor not being controlled by regular cleaning methods.

These are all signs that you have a contaminated area and should have the area checked out by a mold removal professional. A mold removal professional will test for the presence of mold, inspect your home for signs of mold, and remove mold from surfaces to keep it from spreading and so that mold will not return. Mold removal includes using a dehumidifier to extract all of the moisture out of the area. An antimicrobial solution will also be applied and will kill microorganisms that are present in the area where mold is found.

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