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Redwood City is a California Bay Area city stretching from the San Francisco Peninsula to the foothills of the Santa Cruz mountains. Neighboring Atherton, Menlo Park, and Woodside, this city is inhabited by approximately 85,000 residents of various backgrounds and cultures. Redwood City is a part of San Mateo County and technologically rich Silicon Valley, housing prominent global technology companies including Oracle, Informatica, Evernote, and Box. The city’s slogan is “Climate Best by Government Test”, a name originating from a climatological report before World War I that determined Redwood City, along with the Canary Islands and North Africa’s Mediterranean Coast, had the world’s best climate. With warm, mostly sunny days and relatively mild winters, this bustling city is a state favorite.



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The city’s lively downtown is a growing hot spot on the San Francisco peninsula which offers residents, visitors, and businesses a vibrant retail, entertainment, and restaurant experience. Visitors walking the palm tree lined streets can enjoy clothing boutiques, fine dining, gastropubs, highly-rated ethnic restaurants, and family-owned shops. In the heart of downtown, the main square in front of the old courthouse hosts events such as 3D light shows, live music, and outdoor movies.

Redwood City connects to several major watercourses, including Redwood Creek and several river deltas including Westpoint Slough. In fact, of the city’s 34 square miles, fifteen of them are purely water. Redwood City is home to the only active deep water port within the south bay of San Francisco. Here, a large structure known as the Pulgas Water Temple commemorates the area where waters lead to San Francisco and the Bay Area. The city also features several wildlife preserves, including the Blair Island Ecological Preserve, the Don Edwards National Wildlife Refuge, and the Edgewood County Park.

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