Santa Clara Disaster & Recovery Services

Santa Clara is a city in Northern California in Santa Clara County. Located on the South side of San Francisco and nestled between San Jose and Mountain View, this little city enjoys all the economic benefits of Silicon Valley and the greater Bay Area. Home of high-ranking tech companies, museums, the prestigious Santa Clara university, and even California’s Great America, this city has made a name for itself as the ninth most populous city in the Bay.

A combination of natural beauty and economic diversity makes Santa Clara a highly desirable place to live and work. The 1, 312 square miles of Santa Clara county boasts the flora and fauna of the Diablo Range rolling hills on the East, the Santa Cruz mountains on the West, and the Santa Clara Valley that runs the entire length of the county. Wetlands and salt marshes lie to the northwest, bordering the San Francisco bay. Because of its proximity to the Pacific, Santa Clara enjoys warm summers and temperate winters with little rain.

Santa Clara serves as a major economic force and employment center, providing more than a quarter of all jobs in the Bay Area. With one of the highest average family incomes in the country, this affluent city boasts a high standard of living. Rich in history and diversity (over 100 languages are spoken in the county), Santa Clara attracts visitors from all over the world.