Do you need mold Inspection services? Mold in your home is not just aesthetically unpleasing. It’s also a danger to the structural integrity of your home and, more urgently, to your health and well-being. If you have signs of mold in your home, it’s time for mold testing and remediation. Read on to learn more about what to look for.


Visible Mold

If mold is visible to you, this is the clearest indication that you need mold testing and remediation services. Look for dots or splotches of discoloration on light colored walls or flooring. Mold can vary in color and can be anything from black to gray to red. Mold likes damp spaces so any place in your home that’s prone to moisture is a good place to look for signs of mold. Check seals between the floor and wall and between the wall and ceiling. Any visible signs of mold is a good indicator that there is lots of mold in your home that’s not visible to the eye. Because of this, mold remediation is necessary at the first sign of visible mold.

Musty Smell

If you’re noticing a musty smell in your basement or anywhere in your home, this could be a sign of mold and a sign that Mold Testing and Remediation is necessary. Mold often thrives in damp places and can give off a telltale musty odor. Breathing in mold spores can cause a whole host of health problems from respiratory trouble to anxiety and general inflammation. If you are smelling a moldy smell anywhere in your home, you need to explore mold testing and remediation to root out mold and restore your home to the healthy place it should be.

Structural Damage

If you are noticing structural damage to your home, this could be a sign of mold. Advanced mold can cause structures to crumble and warp. If dampness is excessive in the area, walls can become unsound and flooring can buckle. If you are noticing any of this, or if your home has water damage of any kind, it’s wise to look a little further with the help of mold testing to ensure that your home is safe and free of mold. If testing finds that you do have mold in your home, Mold Testing and Remediation can be done to eliminate mold at the source.

Standing Water

If you have water in your home, this is a potential indicator of mold. Standing water on the floor, dripping water down the walls, or pooling water on the ceiling are all signs that mold may be present. Because mold thrives in wet conditions, any standing water in your home is a potential breeding ground. If you have standing water in your home, you should consider mold testing as well as mold inspection to ensure that your home is a healthy environment for you and your family.

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