Water, which is essential to your survival, can destroy your house if left unchecked. That’s right – flooding can generate mold and mildew growth within just a few days, structural and electrical damage, unsightly stains and warping on walls and floors. Not only is all of this hazardous to your health – it will devalue your property and put a hole in your wallet. To prevent this, immediate action is needed. Let’s lay out the process of water damage restoration – and the things you can and can’t do yourself. 


What To Do Right Away 

If you notice large puddles of water forming in your home, you have a leak somewhere. Act immediately to prevent the most damage. 

  • To turn off the water supply to your home and stop the flooding, you will need to find the main water valve. In California homes, this is usually located outside your home attached to an exterior wall or in an underground box with a removable lid. 
  • Shut off electricity. You will need to find the main electrical panel and shut off electricity to your home. 
  • Wear protective clothing or gear, such as rain boots. Remove all standing water and soaked items. 
  • Clean up dirt or mud left behind from flooding. Scrub and disinfect the area with a bleach solution. 

All of the above steps are possible to do yourself if you are able. However, a water restoration company will be able to help with the entire process should you be unable (or unwilling) to do it yourself. The following water damage restoration steps should be taken by professionals only. Here’s what a water restoration company will be able to do to restore your home.

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The Professional Water Damage Restoration Process

  • Water Removal
  • Drying/Dehumidification
  • Mold Mitigation & Remediation
  • Biohazard Remediation
  • Electronics and Equipment Restoration
  • Document Drying
  • Specialty Cleaning for Ceilings, Walls & Hard-Surface Floors
  • Room Deodorization

The Dangers of Attempting DIY 

Unless you have dealt with water damage before, you might not know the signs to look for. Water can find its way into the tiniest cracks and crevices, causing major unseen damage under the floors, behind the walls, or in the ceiling. Here’s why hiring a professional guarantees the best outcome for your home.

Dealing with water damage is a time sensitive process. If water lingers for more than just a few days, mildew and mold may already start growing. The more time you spend researching the proper techniques and methods to save your home from water damage, the more time water has to sink in and cause real damage. All of this may end up being more costly in the long run. If you wait too long or take incorrect steps, you will incur more damage and more costly estimates to repair it. 

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